Vamonos (Let’s Go!)


Since obtaining my NASM personal trainer certification in May, I have had it in the back of my mind to start a blog, but truth be told, my thoughts have been primarily, “WHO is going to read it? “I have sat back, doing nothing about sharing my story and this week, I finally had the gumption to start, with no real direction except to share my thoughts and to make myself accountable to you, the reader, to practice what I preach in how I am training my Mind, Body and Spirit.

Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?!

I sit on my computer all the time, scrolling through pages of people I find some interest in, that I, in some small way, want to be like AND SO, maybe, I will be one of those people to someone out there…an inspiration, a role model, a laugh when you need one.  So here we begin, September 10th 2013: every day is a new day and today is the day where I share who I am with you. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.


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